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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mushrooms and Toadstools

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are spending the holiday in the San Juan Islands where we're experiencing an exciting windstorm.  Looking out the window from our cozy cabin, the water is choppy on the bay, a raven is struggly to fly against the gusts, and madrona berries are scattered festively over the front porch.  It is not raining.... yet.

We are planning an afternoon hike in the autumn woods, where we know from previous Thanksgiving vacations we will see a variety of fungi.  At Pistil Books, nature guidebooks are one of our specialties and we have a good collection of mushroom books (in part thanks to staff member Tim, who pared down his personal collection not long ago).

Perhaps we'll see a certain caterpillar with a hookah on our excursion.

To help you celebrate, here's a link to some great holiday sales deals from the Etsy Vintage Team.

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