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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Museum of Weird Books: The Poodle

It is no surprise that man's best friend has many volumes devoted to him/her/it.

Nonetheless, with the passage of time, certain tomes achieve the status required for incorporation in Pistil's Museum of Weird Books. To wit:  Poodle Books.

The Poodle, 1984 incarnation:

Has the poodle had its day?  In 2017, your correspondent judges that the soi disant Labradoodle is more   popular than his sire.

To contemporary eyes, the poodle of 1971 looks like a marshmallow confection (and that goes for the moustaches of the poodle handlers as well).

The poodle of 1966 looks like certain big-haired celebrities we can all call to mind.

The future of poodle books?  It is too early to speculate.  Maybe the poodle will have a comeback, sporting the sophisticated, digital- and laser-cuts of the 21st century.

Au revoir, Fifi!