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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crap Hound

When Pistil Books was a retail store, one of our specialties was zines - those small, independent, often self-published periodicals that embodied alternative culture in the days before the internet and electronic publishing.  Crap Hound, edited by Sean Tejaratchi, was one of our favorites and a best-seller.  Crap Hound is packed with high-contrast black and white images gathered from vintage commercial and graphic art based on a theme.  Past issues have covered the subjects of  Bait, Devils & Clowns;  Hands, Hearts & Eyes; Death, Telephones & Scissors; and Church & State.

We are pleased to offer for sale the latest Crap Hound #8: Superstition published by Show & Tell Press.

Flipping through the pages, here are some of the multitude of images you'll see:  Butterflies and moths, apples, New Year's bells, black cats, hats, crows, fish, wrapped packages, horseshoes, books, doors, boots, owls, snakes, storks, fences, and more.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Found in Books

The program for Raymond Burr's Memorial Service from 1993
A lovely drawing.
So many things pressed between pages.
There was also a letter to Dan Savage.