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Monday, July 14, 2014


My friend sometimes shops at the Goodwill by-the-pound store, otherwise known as "The Bins."  I've been to The Bins a couple of times, but the shopping experience is not for me.  Not surprisingly as a used book dealer, I'm a proponent of re-use, recycling, and buying used, but the couple of times I've been I've always wished I had worn gloves and felt like I needed a shower afterward.

Giant wheeled bins are filled with piles of clothes, household goods, and, yes, books.  The customers are a mix of regular people, dealers, and crazy people, particularly those after books.  My friend usually concentrates on vintage clothing and she's found some good scores, like a Pendleton jumper, or a tapestry of a pastoral scene that she re-purposed into a skirt.  When she found this scrapbook, she passed it on to me.

This scrapbook also included a number of loose items, yet-to-be-pasted, which makes it a candidate for the "found in books" category.

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