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Friday, August 31, 2012

My Job at Pistil Books by Kam M

Kamposer at work.

My job consists of cataloging and pricing sheet music. My favorite part of this job is being surrounded by shelves of interesting books and people.  Oh, and the beverage service. I have a classical music background, so if a piece says TTBB, I know what that means and can price accordingly.  For this I went to grad school.

I am paid in gastronomic currency as well as cash money and book credit.  Amy and Sean are what you would describe as laid-back bosses.  On-time is a relative concept.

Currently I am reading Thomas Kinkade (really), RL Stevenson, Zane Grey, Unamuno, Stephen King, Mona Simpson, Galsworthy, and Goethe.  The good stuff balances the garbage.

So far “The Adventures of the Prancing Piano” is a stand-out among the books I have seen at Pistil, and I’ve seen a lot.

Lunch break at Pistil Books.

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