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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Class Is Held Back

Below is January's collage from the Pistil Books 2012 Collage Calendar.  The artwork is by Sean Carlson, aka Walter Bundtcake.  You can get a lovely hard copy of the 11" x 17" calendar by ordering at the Pistil homepage.

Artist's Statement
This is a only slightly modified photo from the Museum of Anything Can Happen in Amsterdam, where I visited in 2009.  I just added the starfish at the top of the dome.  I was exiting the doorway out of the frame just before the rocket broke through the roof of the interior, so I was not engulfed in flame.  The room was quite peaceful with fish and tireless cars swimming about, the bees eating Jello, that dangerously large robin pecking at the ham sandwich and emitting a low burbling growl when Ken, who was just beside me and actually pushed his way through the door before me had lit the stationary rocket because he was jealous of Barbie's romance with the basketball player.  When Ken saw the basketball player was continually leaping over the book of matches he found his moment.  It was yet another example of human folly at werk.  The class at the top of the stairs was luckily held back.  The instructor explained later she could "feel the bad vibes."

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