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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Etsy Vintage

Not surprisingly I am very fond of cool old vintage items, not just books (though books are my favorite).  I recently added some non-book articles to  Pistil Books Etsy Shop.

Large plastic sign letters make cool three-dimensional wall art:

I love the brightly colored graphics in this Instructo Classification Game, an educational toy from the sixties.  Teaches children the difference between zoo animals, hats, and milk cartons.

The Our Universe Space Kit, published by the National Geographic Society, contains a silver and black cardboard "spacescope" to be punched out and assembled, along with a flexi disc recording of space sounds, 3-d glasses, and other far out goodies.

As an Etsy seller, I am a member of the Etsy Vintage Team, where you can find other great vintage stuff in all categories.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Found in Books, Yet Again

Not long ago, Sean and I were doing a book buy at a woman's house.  She was moving and was selling her pretty nice collection of books on eastern religion, psychology, body work, and the like. I flipped through a book to check for marking and two hundred dollar bills fell out.  A couple of other books also had money bookmarks, and they weren't mere dollar bills either.  Of course we returned the money to woman who was quite grateful and now our found-in-books karma has benefited.  Alas, no money of late, but check out these treasures:

One thing we found in a book titled "Reproduction in Farm Animals," was a love letter, which may be a little too personal to include in the photo, but here's an excerpt:  "Do you see that I am terribly in love with you and terribly obsessed with you?  Make sure you take responsibility for this state of my heart.  Let's see whose poison is more poisonous!"  There was also a photo of the young lovers as Disney characters.

The fortune teller card is one of my favorite pieces, and obviously applies to me:  "You have a brilliant mind and enjoy reading and the fine arts."
Drop another coin in slot and I will tell more.

Another favorite is the business card, how's this for a job title:

This little dragon is made from paper cut-outs and is really quite lovely.

Here's a bookmark from a store with 89 parking spaces - that's 88 more than Pistil has!